Kicking off a new phase

Kicking off a new phase

Fresh Beginning

Kicking off a new phase

The Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College campus came to life as the orientation for the new batch of pre-university students took place recently.

The event was also attended by parents and faculty of the college. The welcome address by principal Esther Malini was visibly heartfelt.

“I’m sure students will take their roles seriously and make the institution and their parents proud,” she said.

She made the students clap for their parents, who were giving them this education. This was followed by a delightful performance by the college choir, who were all dressed in white.

Excerpts from the Bible were read out and reverend Jeevan Babu, a board member of the college, addressed the gathering on the strength of women, failures being stepping stones and how parents should spend quality time with their children.
 “Your education is your life,” he noted.

The chief guest read from the scriptures and addressed the students, advising them to stay committed to their education though they would face challenges. He reiterated that there is no substitute for hard work. A faculty member presented a brief history of the college, after which the rules and regulations were highlighted. These covered all aspects of discipline, including attendance, identity cards, extracurricular activities, dress code and things that are banned on campus.
The various clubs and committees students could become a part of were also mentioned — college choir, adventure club, eco-watch club and many others.

While the students paid attention to what was being said, the parents were also content. “It was a good ceremony. It provided encouragement for students and parents. I feel that my daughter is in safe hands,” shared Imola Jamir, a mother.

Raz Ahmed, whose daughter Wajiha is joining the college, added, “I’m sending her here because of two factors — the proximity to our home and the fact that my elder daughter studied here. I’m not holding any expectations from the college. I’ll just wait and see the results over the next two years.”

At the end, the choir reassembled and performed once again. After the national anthem was sung, the students excitedly ran to their classrooms to check out the schedule for their first day.