An edge above the rest

An edge above the rest

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An edge above the rest

Pratik Kumar Ramesh has just entered class 12. But the student of National Public School is already planning his course of action at university. He has taken Advanced Placements (AP), a programme that helps high-school students  intending to go abroad to gain credits.

Earning credits can enable students to graduate early, save tuition fee, pursue a
double major, move into upper-level courses sooner, gain time to travel abroad, complete an internship or earn academic scholarships and awards.

Pratik, who took up micro-economics in May, decided to do so since it will help him gain credits.

“I could finish a four-year course in three years. I plan to take up more subjects next year,” he says. Although he is studying science, he wishes to take up economics at
university. “When I apply to universities, they will recognise that I have studied the subject even though I didn’t do it in school,” he adds.

While many of those who take up the APs generally study the International Baccalaureate (IB) syllabus, these days, students who are from other boards wanting to go abroad are also taking it up. Amogha Ravi, currently a student at Vidya Niketan School, says, “Since I’m in the 12th standard now, studying for the AP gave me a headstart on what is to come in the year ahead at school and made learning easier. I am currently studying under the ISC board. I took the AP in physics and chemistry. Depending on my score and the number of credits I get, I’ll know if I can graduate earlier when I apply to a college.”

Akshay Shah studied CBSE at National Public School, Indiranagar, and is currently studying at Columbia University, USA. He explains, “It has helped improve my eligibility to take higher-level classes as I entered my freshman year. Luckily for me, I had covered a lot of the course material for the APs through my high school . The APs did give me more freedom and flexibility in the courses I was able to take. I do know of some friends who are graduating earlier, who were able to do so because of AP credits.”

While some schools offer this programme, there are students from other schools who do self-study before taking AP.

Some of the schools self-reported by students who have taken AP Exams include National Public School, Delhi Public School, Indus International School and Treamis World School.

According to Lisa Jain, regional representative of the College Board India, the number of those taking AP exams in India increased by 20 per cent from May 2011 to May 2012 and by 50 per cent between May 2012 and 2013. “This year has had the highest number of AP exam orders in India,” she says.