Ready to open a new chapter

Ready to open a new chapter

Exciting Days

Ready to open a new chapter

The first day of college is a big day for any youngster. Although these youngsters have heard their siblings and parents talk about their good old college days so much, when it comes to actually experiencing it, there’s a certain amount of nervousness mixed with excitement. 

Metrolife speaks to pre-university freshers at Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College on their first day to understand their expectations from college and what they’re looking forward to. Most of them admit that they have done prior research on the college and are mentally prepared for the two years ahead. “This was my choice because it’s close to my house. The campus is really nice and I love the fact that there is no dress code here.

 That’s probably the most exciting factor for me,” shares Preksha Bafna, who joined the college.“My elder sister also studied here and she has spoken highly of it. Almost all the female members of my family have studied here,” she adds. 

Preksha’s pursuing SEBA at the college and so is her new batch mate Kajal. “From what I’ve heard, the education is great here. Teachers are strict but nice. I’m excited to meet my new batch mates. I’m sure I’ll make friends because I can mingle easily,” says Kajal.

Ruthika NJ, who studied at Delhi Public School, Kanakapura, feels that the college will pave the way for her dream career. “I’m really interested in mathematics and that’s why I’m doing MEBA here.

 It will help me in my future plan of becoming an interior designer,” she says, adding that if the next two years prove fruitful, she might even do her degree here. On her seniors, Ruthika notes, “I hope they have a positive attitude towards us. I don’t think there will be any ragging though.”

There were students from other cities and from other countries too. Rinchin Tsomo, for instance, has come all the way from Arunachal Pradesh to study here. “My friend’s sister was here and she recommended the HEPS course, which is what I’m taking up. The teaching skills are apparently excellent. 

I’m excited but being a shy person, I might take some time to adjust,” she confesses.“It’s a new experience entering college. I’m just trying to get used to the surroundings since this will be my second home for at least two years. I can’t wait to get started,” says Varsha S, another student. 

Even the PUC principal, Esther Malini, expressed her eagerness. “It’s good that parents are interested in their child’s education these days. I’m looking forward to interacting with the new batch of students. Some are responsible but the playful ones will need more attention,” she says.