"My goal is to be in a Bollywood film"

"My goal is to be in a Bollywood film"

"My goal is to be in a Bollywood film"

Recently, Raj Sharma, a comic actor by profession, born and raised in Texas, USA, tickled the funny bones of Delhiites. In a tete-e-tete with Metrolife, Raj shared his thoughts about his association with India. 

Metrolife asked: “So, how does it feel to perform in Delhi?”

Sharma says, “It’s great to be here in Delhi. My father is from here and we used to come here during summer breaks from school, when I was a kid. So it’s awesome to come back to a place I call my home to do shows.”

Praising Delhi as a City, Raj said, “Delhi is actually hot but I still love this City. Delhi is fun and lively and is always busy and welcoming at the same time. It’s always moving, no matter what time of day it is.”

On being asked to share his thoughts on the comedy scene in India, Raj quips, “It’s great to see the scene picking up momentum. There is so much talent here and I urge everyone to get out and support the scene. Comedy is about to explode here and it’s cool to be a part of it.”

Talking about the funny aspect of Delhiites, the comedian shared, “My favorite thing is how people put words in front of other words. Like chai-vai, pani-vani, ghup-shup. No one else does that! If your doctor talked like that, you wouldn’t trust him. Like ‘we ran some test-vests for your liver-shiver...haha!”
ML: “Any funny thing about Delhi?” 

Raj is quick to respond, “Traffic to me is the funniest part of Delhi. Everyone is in a rush to get in front of you even if it’s by an inch or two. Congrats, you got to your destination three seconds earlier than expected.”

Raj, whose favorite targets are the crowds during his shows, made a statement about the people here. “It’s very funny, I get a lot of strange looks here. I feel like an animal in a zoo because of the way I dress. But when it happens, I just start talking to them and they have no idea what to do.”
ML: “Do you watch Bollywood films and are they popular in the US too?” 

He says, “I love Bollywood films and it’s my goal to be in one, even if I am just walking by. I watch movies all the time and love the classics. A nice drink and a Raj Kapoor flick, makes for a great night.”
ML: “In India, to become a comedian is not considered as fruitful, although the scene is gradually changing, what do you have to say about that?” 

To that he says, “It’s very fruitful. But it takes time. I’m in my 11th year so I’ve learned to appreciate the major moments that come with this business. I’ll never ever forget the struggle in my early days, that’s for sure as in the US it’s a super competitive business.”

When we said that no conversation is complete without talking about the food here, Raj quickly stated, “I’m in heaven with all the great food this City has to offer.

From the restaurants to the street food, I love it all. I’ve had amazing gourmet keema pizza and late night aloo tikkis too. It’s so good that I may consider moving here just for the food!”