Aspirants asked to choose minor courses

Aspirants asked to choose minor courses

Despite Delhi University already making it clear that the admission seekers should only highlight their preference for major courses, several affiliated colleges sidestepped the varsity rules by asking the students to flag the preferred minor courses too during the admission process which is set to be over on Wednesday.

The newly-launched four year undergraduate programme has major (discipline 1) and minor (discipline 2) courses apart from applied and mandatory foundation courses.
According to a senior DU official, some colleges including St Stephen’s, Ramjas and Zakir Hussain insisted that the students choose minor discipline as well. “We have previously said that the cut-offs will only be based on major courses. Colleges asking to choose discipline 2 will only lead to confusion. We have made it clear that the preference of minor subjects should be asked only after the second semester,” said the official.

“We have again asked the colleges to stick to DC-1 courses for admitting students,” added the official.

An official from the Ramjas college said the students were asked to opt for minor subjects so that the teachers’ workload can be calculated. “We have told them that they can change their choice later, if they want to,” said the official.

Several teachers from these colleges said the language teachers are the worst-hit as language has not been given the status of discipline 1.

 “Colleges are still trying to sort out the intricacies of FYUP as a lot still remains unclear. Workload distribution is certainly a concern for colleges. We keep hearing news of one or two posts unable to get filled,” said a teacher from St Stephen’s college.