Delhi govt begins evacuation

Delhi govt begins evacuation

Delhi govt begins evacuation

The Delhi government took up emergency measures to evacuate hundreds of people living along the banks of the Yamuna which crossed 205.60 metres, above the danger mark of 204.83 metres, on Tuesday evening.

In fact, the government had issued evacuation warning on Sunday after 8.06 lakh cusecs of water was released from the Hathni Kund Barrage in Haryana.
After 1.54 lakh cusecs of water was released on Tuesday morning, people expected the water level to recede if the rain stops. But they were asked to evacuate.  If the rain continues, the Yamuna might swell up to a record 207.49 metres in the national capital, last witnessed in 1978.

“Delhi had witnessed 207.49 metres in 1978 and if continues to rain like this in Uttarakhand, source of the Yamuna, the water level may break this record on Wednesday. We have begun evacuating people from the flood plains of the river,” an official from Delhi’s flood and irrigation department said.

The official added that more than 30 camps have been set up to assist people who have been moved from the river bank.

Army officials were called in to further monitor the rising water levels and decide if the Old Railway bridge could be used. After hours of discussion, they finally decided to shutdown the weak bridge.

Reference to water level at the Old Railway bridge is taken as the basis for studying the flood situation in the Yamuna. The warning level at Old Railway bridge is 204 metres and the danger level stands at 204.83 metres.

The first warning will be issued when the discharge from Hathni Kund exceeds 1 lakh cusecs, while the second warning will be issued when the discharge exceeds 3 lakh cusecs, and the third when the flow exceeds 5 lakh cusecs.

Suitable action is taken as per the prescribed instructions on issue of the first, second and third warnings. Meanwhile, officials of the Delhi Police and flood department monitored the evacuation process throughout the day.