Full-strength India trains ahead of semifinals

Full-strength India trains ahead of semifinals

Full-strength India trains ahead of semifinals

This was supposed to be an optional practice session but the Indian squad was present in full strength here at the Cardiff Wales Stadium on Tuesday afternoon. But then there is no rule that only a few players can opt to train.

Having enjoyed a two-day break following their eight-wicket win over Pakistan on Saturday in Birmingham, Indians hit the straps on an unusually warm day here. As the day remained sunny for most part, the Indians must have felt at home.

While the forecast for Wednesday is largely dry, Thursday, the day of the match against Sri Lanka, is expected to witness some heavy and long spells of shower.  Suresh Raina was the first to arrive at the ground, much ahead of rest of his team-mates. The left-hander spent close to half an hour in the ‘nets’, taking throw-downs from fielding coach Trevor Penny.

Raina didn’t have good outings during warm-up games and he was out early against South Africa in the opening match of Group B.

The Uttar Pradesh lad  didn’t get a chance to bat in India’s next two matches that must have prompted him to spend some extra time in the ‘nets’. 

The entire team assembled at the venue at 2.00 pm and it was put through a warm-up session that included shuttle runs and stretching. This was followed by a customary round of football before everyone hit the ‘nets’.

Sri Lanka, meanwhile, opted not to train on the day, having arrived in the city on Tuesday afternoon.