Entering the portals of knowledge

Entering the portals of knowledge

Excited Group

Entering the portals of knowledge

The fresh batch of students, who joined the commerce, science and arts streams, at Jyoti Nivas Pre-University College are brimming with excitement.

Metrolife interacted with some of them to find out why they chose this college, what they expect from it and what their future plans are.

Jeevitha S, for instance, feels that it will provide the right foundation to pursue medicine in the future. 

“The faculty is really good here and is known to support students. I hope that the training imparted by the teachers braces me for higher education,” shares the science student, adding that she is also keen on participating in the ‘famous college fests’.

In fact, the college fests, extracurricular activities and sports, in particular, are why Krithika SR opted for it. 

“My seniors at the New Horizon School had told me that there are a lot of sports and activities in this college. They had even specified that the facilities are excellent. That’s why this was the obvious choice for me,” says Krithika, a commerce student. “It wasn’t too hard going from high school to college because they make that transition easy for you,” she adds. 

Following tradition is another reason why some students chose the college. For Sharon Derick, the fact that her sister and entire family had studied here made this college the preferred option. “It’s one of the most highly ranked colleges in the City.

Other than my family having attended college here, it’s also close to my house. I know that teachers here take the trouble of making you understand things and that’s the kind of education I want,” she notes.

Shreya B Shetty recalls how a visit to the campus while considering her options for college made her choose this. 

“I saw a notice board that displayed the percentage of each student of the outgoing batch. The highest was 94 per cent and I joined this college to break that record. I will do my best to achieve that goal,” she says. For some of the arts students, the syllabus and choice of subjects offered was the key factor. 

“I wanted to study psychology, not political science and this college offers that. It’s a queen’s college in the way they make you feel. I will stay on for my degree too,” says Priyadarshini. 

“Everyone is friendly here, including the teachers. They are the real pillars of the college,” says her batch mate Nausheen. 

Rachel, another student, adds, “The level of education here is better than at the school level. It makes learning more interesting.” 

Sr Louisa Sebastian, principal of the college, is also happy to have the 800 plus new students on her campus. 

“It’s exciting to have a new batch every year. We also learn a lot interacting with youngsters. The creativity, intelligence and calibre that some students show really add colour and life to the institute,” she shares.