Traditional touch with an element of fun

Traditional touch with an element of fun

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Traditional touch with an element of fun

The MA Communication students of Oxford College of Arts and Science recently celebrated its ethnic day and each student turned up in bright colours, presenting the cultural and ethnic diversity of the country in his or her own style.

 While some could be seen wearing the veshti, others were sporting the traditional attire of their own states. Excitement was in the air and the students were happy to dress up and be a part of the programme.

Akhila Menon, a student, says that planning the programme and dressing up for it was the best part. “It is great to have these small programmes between hectic schedules. They break the monotony and we return to our books with a fresh vigour. The ethnic day was a fun-filled programme and everyone showcased the best of their states. We were also asked to describe what we were wearing and had to prepare a small speech to make others aware about the culture of our state,” she says.

The highlight of the programme was the competition — ‘Mr and Miss Ethnic’. Pawan Kumar and Ambika Sollapur won the coveted titles. While Ambika wore traditional attire from the southern part of Karnataka, Pawan wore a silk panche. 

Ambika says that the inclusion of the competition made the programme very interesting as well as entertaining. “I chose to wear a traditional outfit from South Karnataka. This particular attire is worn only by unmarried women and its called langa davani. Later, I was also asked to describe what I was wearing. It was a great experience and the programme was quite enjoyable,” she says.

Different competitions such as on-the-spot acting and the hunt for the best-dressed student added some variety and an element of fun to the programme. It was the perfect opportunity for the students to let their hair down and enjoy the day. They did not have to think about any impending exam or project submission. 

Many students chose to showcase the latest trends in ethnic wear. For instance, some of them could be seen sporting stylish saris portraying the current trend and the look of the season. Pawan Kumar, who won the title of ‘Mr Ethnic’, was delighted.

“I decided to wear something which showcased the culture and tradition of Karnataka. Many others wore the traditional attire of the state they hailed from and we all looked very colourful and bright,” he sums up.