Wife, cousins held for shopkeeper's murder

Wife, cousins held for shopkeeper's murder

The recent murder case of a petty shopkeeper, Muniswamy, 52, who was hacked to death on the night of June 8, has been cracked with the arrest of Muniswamy’s second wife, Ratnamma, 26, and her two cousins, Kumar and Muniraju, both 24.

According to Mahadevapura Police, Ratnamma’s three other brothers, Manjunath, Prakash and Venkatesh, also involved in the murder, are still elusive, and a manhunt has been launched for their arrest. The three brothers, all residents of Muthusandra, are auto drivers.

Hacked to death

Muniswamy, who was running a stationary shop besides selling tender coconuts in Mahadevapura Village, was returning home on his moped on the night of murder, when he was waylaid by a gang of men who attacked and hacked him to death. Subsequently, a murder case was registered.

According to the police, following the death of his first wife and his eldest son, Muniswamy married Ratnamma. The couple had two sons Prajwal, 7 and Nanda Kishore, 5.


A chronic alcoholic, he suspected the fidelity of his wife and began harassing her physically and mentally, alleges Ratnamma. Fed up, she conspired with her five cousin brothers to get rid of Muniswamy.

Kumar, Muniraju, Prakash, Venkatesh and Manjunath then hatched the plan with one of them trailing Muniswamy for eight days.

They concluded that the best time to attack was while Muniswamy was returning home late in the night near the deserted railway tracks. On June 8, the cousins followed him on two bikes and hacked him to death near the railway tracks, the police said.