Pankaj Advani keeps medal hope alive in Indoor Asian Games

Advani, who yesterday crashed out in the pre-quarterfinals of the 6-Red Snooker discipline, showed immense maturity and depth in his technique and won both his encounters of the day with elan in the 15-Red Snooker.
Advani, riding high on some gutsy potting and excellent cushion work, defeated HongKon's Au Chi Wai (4-2) 35-74 69-38 72-00 69-21 14-76 and 67-15 in the first match, and later dashed the title hopes of Brunei's Husain Mahmood Ali Mahmood with a similar margin in the second match.
He defeated Mahmood 61-68 44-63 73-18 77-12 67-29 and 63-09.
Another Indian Delhi Boy Manan Chandra, who agonisingly came close to a medal in the 6-Red Snooker discipline yesterday and finished fourth, started his campaign in 15-Red Snooker discipline on a rollicking note and defeated Brunei's Ahmed Ghulam Hasan Muanedi (4-0) 69-29 79-15 64-08 and 70-44.
In the men singles of 1-Cushion Carom, India's Vijay Goel failed to provide any challenge to his opponent Japan's Tadashi Machida and lost 35-100.

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