Patience and faith

Patience and faith

The world we live in is riddled by challenges in just about every aspect of life. Each obstacle has to be studied, tackled and solved in different ways, keeping in mind the pros and cons of the situation.

Nevertheless, the basic approach to the problem should be with an open mind and should be at the lower end of the severity scale. Some problems have to be attended to almost immediately, yet others take some time and also a lot of effort. It is a fact that many hitches that we face on a daily basis cannot be directly controlled by us. One must learn to treat them as passing clouds which can be overcome with a dollop of patience and faith. Though the words seem to be simple, they can prove to be easier said than done!

Waiting out of situations, is a lost art these days. We expect instant solutions, and when they do not materialise, we feel depressed and defeated.  The character of Shabari, a tribal woman, in the Ramayana, is testimony to the virtue of fortitude and faith.

Shabari was told that she would be visited by the Ikshavaku prince, Rama and thereafter her soul will be liberated. She waited for Raghava indefinitely because of her implicit trust in the sage. The lady was aware that prince lived in faraway Ayodhya, up north. She had no clue about the turn of events that could possibly make the crown prince leave his capital and a further course of events which would make him travel to the place where she waited for him. She had not seen him or even heard enough about him. It was on the strength of sheer conviction that she waited for years together for his arrival.

Each day she cleaned her hermitage and collected ripe berries and even tasted them for their sweetness before keeping them ready for her divine guest. The example of Shabari may appear to be illogical and even foolish in the present day world where cut throat competition is rampant and time is of greatest essence. Yet, a closer observation of the story will reveal that when one lands in a situation or crisis man-made or otherwise where nothing much can be done, the only way to overcome the problem is to let it pass. If the waiting period is spent with a positive mindset, the storm will subside paving way to a fairer weather.