Guest faculty recruitment goes online

Guest faculty recruitment goes online

In an effort aimed at ensuring transparency, selections are based on merit and thwart any possible influence in recruitment process, the Department of Collegiate Education (DCE) has taken to online system of recruiting guest faculty at all colleges from this year onwards.

Assisted by National Informatics Centre (NIC), the centralised system of recruitment entails interested lecturers, with necessary qualifications, to register online logging on to the department’s website:
Besides one’s personal information and qualification details, registration process will also have options such as college of preference (choices limited to four colleges).
“Candidates who do not get their preferred college will be allotted other colleges provided they have opted for it and upon availability of vacancies,” said DCE informatics Officer Dr N Ramesh Reddy.

Registration process

Following registrations, a merit list will be generated and passed on to respective college principals who shall select from the list. At every stage of registration process, candidates will be provided with relevant information on their mobile phones.
“For example once one submits a registered form, an identity number will be sent to their mail as well as their phone to be used for future reference,” said Reddy.   
Earlier, lecturers had to apply individually to those colleges where they intended to join, after which principals of respective colleges would make the appointments. These would be approved by joint directors of particular regions (there are six regions under DCE). “In this, there was no means of keeping track of stages of recruitment leaving the possibility of interventions and pressure being exercised on principals to recruit particular lecturers,” observed Reddy. Wth the new system, besides transparency, lecturers from all over State will be able to apply in any college and the time taken considerably reduced, DCE Director Dr Bhagyalakshmi B L said, adding “under this system, while colleges will get their qualified lecturers, they (lecturers) in turn will get college of their choice.”

Meanwhile, registration for recruitment has begun from June 17 and go on till June 26. The list based on preference of colleges and subject specialisation of lecturers will be out by June 30 and between July 10 to July 15 colleges will make their selection based on the list sent to each college.