After class hours

After class hours

Favourite Hangouts

If you ask the students of Commits College where do they wish to spend their free time, they will definitely say ‘Forum’ without thinking twice. The mall in Koramangala is an all-time favourite haunt of theirs. Other than this, they wish to spend their free time at Boca Grande, Fouz n Fresh, Saptagiri Davanagere Butter Dosa, AVM Condiments, Kairali Restaurant, Mangalore Lunch Home, Karnataka Bakery, Poppies and Delicacy.

Sharon George, studying in second year, says, “Whenever we think of spending some time outside the college, ‘Forum’ comes to our minds without any second thought. We can have lots of fun there. We watch movies, purchase various things in shops or relax at the eateries there. We spend many hours in the mall as we have so many options there.” Arpan, a student of management and marketing communication feels ‘Boca Grande’, a coffee shop in Koramangala is “pretty good to spend leisurely hours”.

“It is a cool, chic and trendy place to hangout with friends. Various food varieties like American, Continental and Italian; desserts and snacks are available. I just want a decent place to sit and chat and I am not bothered about ordering a lot of stuff, so, Boca Grande suits me. And it is more spacious and quieter than the other cafes,” he utters.
According to Shreya Shetty, Delicacy and Poppies are popular among the students for Chinese and Thai food. “We like to have sweet corn soup and lemon grass soup there and spend more than half an hour with friends. We spend mornings at ‘AVM Condiments’, which is always crowded for breakfast,” she says.

Sindhu M V, another student in the college likes to hang out at Saptagiri Davanagere Butter Dosa, a food junction which is much nearer to the college. 

Sowmya prefers to spend her free time at the mall too. “We, friends, are always eager to watch latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies so we go there after finishing our classes. Other than this, we have a lot many eateries like Fouz n Fresh, Kairali Restaurant, Mangalore Lunch Home and Karnataka Bakery.”  Though the students of Commits have great options for hangouts, nobody wants to miss or bunk their respective classes.

All of them wish to visit their favourite hot spots after or before college hours.