Chanting the change mantra for success

Chanting the change mantra for success

Wanting More

In a research conducted by Expertus, we have found that less than 0.5 per cent of time an employee gets connected with the customer at a heartwarming level that includes contentment at sensitive altitude.

In the current scenario, customer retention is not possible with mere idea of innovation and flawless execution backed by robust process. Customers are looking for more! An employee’s response at serenity with indulgence is preferred more than a process or an idea by customer. The word  ‘connect’ at an emotional level is the buzz word in today’s scenario right from front line executives to the top management. The element of sincerity and warmth in their response and performance leads to this connect which contributes to 60 per cent success of any business.

Multitasking ability

Growth is the only evidence of life; More than 85 per cent employees at all level are focused on the repetitive work on daily basis.  During the repetition, this ‘connect’ is overlooked or neglected. The foremost change for an employee to ramp up at this level is by doing Multitasking work. The concurrent or interleaved execution of two or more jobs by a single person.

* Multitasking can take place when someone tries to perform two tasks simultaneously, switch from one task to another, or perform two or more tasks in rapid succession.

Juggling between tasks is an art. It increases productivity by 30 per cent if handled effectively. The shift between one work and another gives the freshness and novelty to the work. The sense of festivity and elation should start from within in any task that is performed. Only then connect with customer at an emotional level is possible. This touch modality can work out if the multitasking can be practiced among employees when the companies are working on cost cutting and downsizing. “There is only one corner in this world which I can improve certainly, it’s myself.”

Training on cross skills has gained momentum in the recent past by many organisation in order to facilitate this multitasking that results in getting connected with customer that moves them. As the maxim states, if you can’t ride two horses at once, you shouldn’t be in the circus

* Competition has cropped at rapid speed; anyone who is not in touch with the pace will be left out. A senior employee can be overtaken by a junior in an official work if his insight and understanding is far superior to the senior. Is my experience validated? Meaning, do I have 10 years of experience by doing a repeated work or did I gain versatility and exposure in the 10years of experience.

* 70 per cent of people start their search for multi exposure assignments when they are asked to move away from their comfort zone.

* Less than five per cent of employees are constantly updating themselves with required skills and knowledge in multi exposure assignments

* Today more than 60 per cent of clients started appreciating domain and functional experts with variety of exposure apart from their related field.

Ways to improve on multi-tasking skill:

* Have measurable short term goals with clarity on expectation. Most of them go wrong in this area, neither understanding what is measurable short term goal nor clarity on expectation. 30 per cent of your work is done if you understand this point.

* Make yourself available for feedback rich environment. Get a constant health check on your multi tasking exposure with those respective domain experts.

* Be a resource and reflect positively, remember, the same sun melts the butter hardens the clay.

* Flow of information in an organisation plays a vital role in enhancing the multi tasking work. The available area to coach and to be coached is been badly affected when the flow of information obstructed. Employee’s frustration with an absence of adequate communication is one of the most negative finding that stands against the initiative of multi tasking initiative. In a transparent organisation information never becomes hassle. Opportunities across domain are made visible to facilitate multi tasking exposure.

Promote network within self. The minor reform one brings within is not success but Progress.

According to the concept of cybernetics (having a goal and taking action to achieve that goal), when an individual is exposed to new area of work, environment or system, the change will make the person adapt to the new environment in a period of time and make the person excel, with a change in behaviour.

Core competency

* Look for areas other than your core competency where you can utilise your strength

* Analyse and Merge happening tasks that will increase productivity and your efficiency

* Don’t take on a task just to show that you are a Multi-task proficient, If you are unable to deliver result it will work against you

* Focus and prioritise are the two keys words for Multitasking

* Where ever you go, if you specialise in Multi tasking, it can turn out to be an Asset in your career

Start doing necessary things than possible, suddenly you will realise you are doing impossible. So all we need is begin with an end in the mind, remember no man is rich enough to buy back his time; start capitalising on your efforts right now!

The writer works as the Principle Consultant with Expertus.