All the way from Paris

All the way from Paris

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All the way from Paris

Blue Umbrella Events celebrated their second anniversary recently with ‘Juno Sessions of House Arrest’, featuring live acts by DJs at F Bar, Cunningham Road.

The highlight of the evening was a set played by Gregori Klosman from Paris, sharing the stage along with homeboy Rohit Barker. 

DJ Ravi, DJ Suman and DJ Villz broke the ice on the consoles and set the right vibes. Bangalore’s own Rohit Barker needed no introduction when he followed the line-up.

He was welcomed with screams from the crowd as he took to the turntables and generated a groovy set of electrifying music. “Being a DJ, you need to understand how to warm people up for shows like this,” he said. He played a tech-house set with tracks from Stefano Noferini like ‘Get It Like You Like It’, ‘Fact’ and ‘Skeleton Key’.

“Bangalore is always Bangalore. It has the best energy in the world,” he added. No sooner did he announce the arrival of Gregori Klosman on the turntables than the energy levels in the house rocketed sky high. “He (Gregori) plays that sound that is so bouncy and energetic. These people are in for a blast,” he said.

Gregori Klosman knew how to sweep a crowd off their feet. Even the few people who were giving their weary legs a short rest were seen making their way to the dance floor as soon as the speakers blared with his beats.

“Bangalore is amazing! I love it here. This is my first time in Bangalore and I wasn’t expecting this much energy from the City. Something that I found really funny was that the dance floor was quite vacant before I started playing, but the number of people that poured in as soon as I started was overwhelming,” said Klosman.

Klosman included remixed versions of ‘Otherside’ by the ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers’, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by ‘Nirvana’, ‘Locked out of Heaven’ by Bruno Mars and ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ by the ‘Swedish House Mafia’ in his set list, just to name a few.

   “I always experiment with different genres. I’m a music lover first and have always listened to different kinds of music, so I inject a little of my music background into my tracks,” he said. Among his originals, he played tracks like ‘Bad Guy’, ‘Serial Killer’, ‘Minibar’ and ‘Mutt Factor’, he said.

Aradhana Kamal, a student of Christ University, thoroughly enjoyed the
music. “This is nothing like anything I had ever heard in the EDM genre. ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is one of my favourite songs and Gregori has done a beautiful job in tele-porting the feel of the song into something this jumpy.

I screamed my heart out on hearing it,” she said. Klosman was so happy with the response of the people that he also played them two of his exclusive tracks. One of them was named ‘Would I Be Saved’, which happens to be collaborated with ‘Glow in the Dark’ and the other track hasn’t been named by him as yet.

“When it comes to music, my inspirations are David Guetta, Bob Sinclair, ‘Daft Punk’ and the ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers’. I love the music that emerged in the late 90s as it was the time when people started creating more of their own stuff. My parents and fans have been the biggest inspiration to me otherwise.

My parents taught me to be respectful to all people and take time out with my fans wherever and whenever possible,” said the DJ, who has also been chosen by Lady Gaga to remix ‘Americano’, which will appear in her upcoming album ‘Born This Way-The Remixes’.