Going grey? Don't just blame your genes

Going grey? Don't just blame your genes

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It is being said that greying hair is the sign of wisdom that comes with the age. However, it seems the saying does not hold true for the present generation who are reporting problems of greying at an early age.

  To your knowledge, one reason that is affecting all is stress. And, this has been proven by the scientists of New York University.

According to the latest research, our hair goes white because cells responsible for colour are wiped out when we start to produce stress hormones. The colour in our hair and skin is dictated by melanocyte stem cells and the report found that once the process of the cells leaving begins they were likely to not return, leaving people with the grey look.
A majority of people start producing grey hair at the age of 25 and as well as stress, environment, lifestyle choices and genetics can also have an effect on how much of it you grey.

“Premature greying is a very common factor seen nowadays. Some people start to grey in their early 20s or 30s. There are many factors of greying hair like heredity, bad diet, smoking, sun exposure and pollution. Fast food is also a very common cause for greying among youngsters,” Dr Sakshi Sareen, member of Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

“Of many hypotheses suggested by dermatologists, the ‘Free Radical Damage’ hypotheses is the most accepted one. According to this, damage is caused by inflammatory mediated free radicals which are produced either locally or systemically. This free radical can cause bleaching of melanin or its altered production,” she says.
“If stress is another reason then practice yoga, regular exercise and a good diet to avoid greying of hair,” she adds on.

Sakshi suggests some easy options to hide grey hair. “No, there is no permanent solution for this problem. But yes one can go for temporary solution and should go natural. One should apply henna to hide them temporarily. Amla is one of the natural remedies used to cure grey hair. Mix amla with coconut oil and apply it on your scalp daily. Eat food that is rich in vitamins, minerals and iron. Food items, such as green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, bananas and cauliflower will help in preventing and treating premature greying of hair.”