'Life's changed in many ways'

'Life's changed in many ways'

Born Fighter

'Life's changed in many ways'

With beauty and strength, model-actor-writer-activist Lisa Ray does what many find hard to do — live life with a smile.

Despite her ongoing struggle with multiple myeloma, she is keen to face each new day, inspiring thousands in her attempt to give back to the world.

“I’m still on treatment. A lot of people don’t understand the cancer (multiple myeloma) that I’ve got. It’s basically incurable. But I’m living proof that you can live a full life and still be on treatment,” Lisa tells Metrolife on her recent visit to the ‘Rado’ store.

“Life’s changed in many ways but it’s very much about happiness. You have to get out there and do your work. This is the part where you don’t want to leave what you love doing for tomorrow; you do it today. And it’s also about giving back. I feel like I’ve accomplished a certain amount and I’m trying to share that by creating awareness about the cause,” she elaborates.

She has dappled with theatre, films and even television shows like ‘Top Chef Canada’ and ‘Oh My Gold’ of late. But she asserts that for her, there is no preferred medium or favourites.

“I just love storytelling. So whatever medium it takes, it doesn’t matter. The world’s changed in such a way that you don’t have to be associated with just one industry. I consider myself really lucky that I got to work in all,” says Lisa.

“Any sort of creative channel is important to me. I’ve even designed a line of saris called ‘LisaRay4SatyaPaul’ with Satya Paul and the idea behind that is telling a story through nine yards of fabric,” she adds.

Her creative streak has led her to not only blog about her experiences in ‘The Yellow Diaries’ but also pen down her memoir, which is yet to be named.

“I’m working on my book right now, which should be out in 2014. The manuscript’s ready but there’s some rewriting and editing left. It’s a memoir about my adventures in life,” she shares.

Lisa confesses that her husband, Jason Dehni, will also be featured in several chapters of the book.

 On how her marriage is going, she says, “So far, it’s been really good. But you’ll have to ask my husband the same question. It’s been just eight months and we’ve both been very busy. I think we owe each other a vacation.”

Bangalore, for her, has always proved to be an interesting City. “It’s always treated me fantastically and I look forward to any opportunity to come back here,” says Lisa. “I know that Bangalore’s changed a lot and I love marking the differences each time I come. The traffic is worse now. I also remember MG Road when it didn’t have malls and things.

The outside dressing has changed. But the vibe and spirit is always the same. That’s the case with any of the big cities in the world – from Toronto to Mumbai, which have both been my homes,” she wraps up.