Mumbai building collapse kills 10

Mumbai building collapse kills 10

Mumbai building collapse kills 10

Ten people, including four children and two infants, were crushed to death and 14 injured when a three-storey building in the seaside satellite town of Mumbra in Thane district collapsed in the early hours of rain-soaked Friday.

Fire brigade officials clearing the debris of the 35-year-old building, Shakuntala, feared more people could be trapped in the wreckage. Operations continued unabated until late Friday evening, by which time 22 injured had been pulled out of the rubble.

According to Mumbra Fire Brigade, the building located just adjacent to Mumbra Railway Station, came down just before 3 am and the residents were in deep sleep.
Rescue operations were launched immediately with search lights under heavy rain enveloping the town (30 kms from Mumbai borders). Six bodies including a three-month old girl child was removed from the wreckage.

The toll reached 10 later in the day, with the recovery of four more bodies from the rubble; residents in the neighbourhood told rescuers that five persons belonging to one family were still missing.

With a similar tragedy in April when 70 people were crushed in the collapse of a five-storey building still fresh in the minds of Mumbra residents, Thane disaster management swung into action soon after the fire brigade sounded the distress call.
It rushed in ambulances along with cranes, mechanical diggers and bulldozers for salvaging operations.

Rescuers began cutting through slabs with mechanical diggers at the onset of dawn, carefully rummaging through the rubbles looking for signs of life.

Top civic officials, including district collector P Velrasu, Thane Police Commissioner K P Raghuvanshi and acting Thane Municipal Commissioner Shyamsunder Patil were supervising the salvaging operations.

In a statement, Thane Disaster Management officials said that the injured have been admitted to hospitals in Mumbra and the nearby towns of Kalwa and Thane city for treatment.

They also gave the names of the deceased as: Farid karim Sheikh (28,) Karim Abdul Shaikh (32,) Makdum Shaikh (32,) Mohamad Shabbier Karim Sheikh (6) Mohamad Rohan Firani Farooqui (7) Alia Makdum Sheikh (22,) Hamja Sheikh (3 months) Mahek Mulsher Punjabi (2 months) Husna Makdum Sheikh (3 years) and Taslima Karim Sheikh(3.)

Authorities, who had classified the building as ' hazardous structure,', had also served an eviction notice to the nine families occupying the first and the third floors. While the ground floor of the building was taken up by shops, the second floor was empty.
Mumbra Mayor Harishchandra Patil told local media that the municipality will start shifting people living in “ hazardous structures,' to new rental houses. However the rent for these transit camps has not been decided.

Meanwhile, Mumbra police have registered a case of accidental deaths and civic engineers have been asked to carry out an investigation into the causes that led to the building’s collapse. Officials have also been instructed to implement the process to evict residents staying in ' hazardous and dangerous structures.'

Friday's house crash is the third building collapse taking place in a span of three months in the periphery of Mumbai-Thane circle.