Ham operators eager to play role in relief operations

Ham operators eager to play role in relief operations

The team had undertaken relief operations during Tsunami

 As relief operations continue on war footing at Uttarkhand, owing to a cloud burst followed by flash floods, six ham operators from Bangalore are on their toes, to participate in relief operations.

The six member team consisting of two doctors, has experience in providing a ‘second line of communication’, following its participating in relief activities following Tsunami and the Gujarat Earthquake.

The team was contacted by Infrastructure Development and Information Minister, Santosh Lad on Saturday from Uttarkhand. “The Minister enquired whether we were ready to provide second line of communication. We are ready, but we need to be transported to the location which has been ravaged by floods,” said S Satyapaul, Director of the Indian Institute of Hams.

When tsunami hit the shores of Tamil Nadu on December 26, 2004, the team had rushed to the State in a car. “But, reaching the remote areas where there has been a breakdown in communication following the floods, requires assistance,” he said.

Girish Doss, Viswanath Hawargi, Vishwas, Rahul, Dr K Suresh and Dr Roshan have organised themselves into three teams. Each team has radio kits to assist in rescue operations.

“Though there are organisations already involved in rescue operations, it is feared that land lines and mobile phone towers at regions where land slides occurred, are down. If we reach the location, we can provide internal communication to district administration or can help the non-governmental organisations undertaking relief operations,” he said.

Similiarly, three teams comprising six members from National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad are negotiating with National Relief Response Force to assist them, he said.
The operators have demanded basic travel expenditure, which might include air lifiting the operators to regions where communications are down.

With Lad contacting the teams, they are hopeful of rendering their services in the flood hit terrain. “If any other NGO’s contact us too, we will be ready to offer services,” he said.