Young Picassos preen over their paintings

Young Picassos preen over their paintings

Prodigious talents

Young Picassos preen over their paintings

What happens when schoolchildren see their artistic self being savoured and praised by the world in one of the hot spots of Bangalore?

A sense of incredible joy and joie de vivre. This was the same for students of Parikrma Humanity Foundation who were on cloud nine seeing their paintings displayed at Metro Art Centre on MG Road on Friday. ‘Namma Nagara’ or ‘Our City’ was the central motif of the paintings displayed at ‘Chili Pili’- open art gallery on Friday.

An ecstatic G Shivakumar, student of Class 7, said “My parents are happy and proud of me. This has inspired me to become a painter in future.” He said students are given adequate training in drawing and arts in their school which has motivated them to deeply involve in arts.

Another preening proudly was Priya L, student of Class 8, who opined: “Initially, I was nervous about doing painting, but my teacher’s support and encouragement helped me to take up painting seriously. Many feel that my painting is the best of all.”

She added that to provide exposure the school motivates students to take part in various cultural competitions and fests. Art teacher, Mangala A M, said: “Though they are just kids, they are very sharp observers of the place they reside in and this is evident in their paintings.

Besides paintings, the students have even written poems and short stories on the given theme.”  She opined that schoolchildren are extremely talented and the open art gallery was a perfect platform for students to reveal their talent and potential. She also said that around 100 paintings of the students have been displayed at the art gallery from past two months.

With the intention of reviving age-old clay and wooden handicraft and invigorate interest in people regarding the same, the Textile Ministry has opened stalls which give demonstration of clay and wooden toy making to the public.

The Regional and Technical Development Centre has appointed experts to provide an insight into pottery and wooden toy making to the public, next to ‘Chili Pili’, an open art gallery.  R Raghu, pottery expert, said: “The response for demo programme has been tremendous with kids and adults flocking in great numbers.”

Thimmaraju, a wooden toy maker, said: “The people are so fascinated with wooden toys that they are eager to try their hand in toy making. So, I stand aside and guide them, in turn giving them a first-hand experience.” 

Joint Director of IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) Priya Bharath, trying her hand at pottery, said: “To learn toy making, one cannot go to Channapatna which is famous for toy making. Instead, one can get genuine experience of archaic handicraft here. This will naturally resurrect interest among people regarding these dying arts.”