Feeling the superpower

Feeling the superpower

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Feeling the superpower

Looks like the superheroes are back. The release of ‘Man of Steel’, ‘Iron Man 3’ and ‘GI Joe’ has seen a lot of takers for the genre. Interestingly, it’s not just kids but adults too who are watching these movies. These films have their unique cinematic moments like the Spiderman’s upside-down kiss, Robert Downey Jr’s funny one-liners, Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker etc. 

The release of ‘Man of Steel’ saw young professionals and college-goers going to theatres dressed in their Superman tees and reliving their comic book days. For them, these heroes are more than just a comic book character. Some believe that these movies have become so popular over the last decade as film adaptations cater to good entertainment. They also say watching a superhero movie is a great way to de-stress. 

Catherine, who is pursuing her BEd, has grown up reading superhero comics. She says that the movies give a realistic feel to the character. “We have all grown up believing these heroes exist. It’s a different kind of thrill watching these heroes with modified powers on big screen. At times, it’s even better than the comic character,” she adds.
 Prashanth, a professional and an avid superhero fan, says that the kind of movies coming out these days in this genre has nothing kiddish about them. “It’s more like these movies are made for adults. The animation, action sequences, interesting story line and the power-packed performances are a treat to watch. I remember when Batman and Robin serials used to be aired on television, I was a kid. But now, the same Batman creates a different cinematic experience altogether,” he adds. 

Komal, a college student, hasn’t read many superhero comics but she says that the movies give a chance to escape from the monotony of life. “More than the comics, it’s these movies that create a sense of mystery and fantasy that appeal to any age group. Although most people may deny it, we see a bit of ourselves in these superheroes,” she adds.

Now, with more superhero movies like ‘Wolverine 3 D’, ‘Batman’ and ‘The Hulk’ lined up for release, the fascination for this genre doesn’t seem to be a short-lived one. “I am definitely not complaining. Watching these films, especially the 3D versions, make me feel that I am right there with my hero, about whom I have grown up reading. The costumes and powers are modified in these movies,” says Rahul, a professional. 

However, this kind of enthusiasm is missing in the Indian superhero movies. With Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 up for release, many feel one just can’t compare them. “The kind of technology used in these films makes the Indian ones look like a bad imitation,” says Rahul.