'There's nothing vulgar about the song'

'There's nothing vulgar about the song'

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'There's nothing vulgar about the song'

Who wouldn’t like to shake a leg with King Khan? Those who have acted with him say that he always manages to lighten up the atmosphere on the sets. Actress Priyamani, who has just done a song with Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Chennai Express’, says she couldn’t have asked for anything more. “The first thing that people ask you when you go overseas is whether you are acting in a Bollywood film. The next obvious question is whether you are acting with Shah Rukh Khan. This is how much he is admired across the world,” Priyamani tells Metrolife.

Priyamani too admires the way Shah Rukh Khan puts in his all to perfect every move. “He has a lot of positive energy about him and even though it’s the first time that he’s doing a tapanguchi song, he did it well and got others to fall in line with him,” she says.

A short teaser of the song has been released and it has already caught the fancy of a lot of people. But why did Priyamani agree to do just an item number in the movie? “I find nothing wrong in being asked to do just a song. There’s nothing vulgar about the song.

In fact, it was fun,” she shares. While Priyamani is bound by a contract and can’t talk much about ‘Chennai Express’, she’s busy shooting for her Telugu film Chandi, which is a revenge-based mythological film. “It’s a revenge drama where the character in question (played by me) is provoked into taking revenge. It’s a play of emotions. There are also scenes in which I get into a fight with a bow and an arrow,” explains Priyamani. In fact, the poster of the film Chandi has Priyamani wielding a bow and arrow. “It’s a woman-centric film and I don’t have a hero opposite me. Interestingly, we were to shoot a scene in which I am supposed to fight while riding a horse. But for some reason, we had to drop that scene. It’s a different kind of movie,” she adds. 

After Raavan, Priyamani has been getting offers for Hindi films but she chose to pick and choose her projects. “I don’t want to sign projects one after the other just because they are in Hindi. I want to take my time,” she avers. 

Priyamani doesn’t find too much of a difference between shooting for a Bollywood film and those down South. “The experience differs with each director. For instance, Mani Ratnam sir wants everybody on the sets by 6 am, while some others are a little more relaxed. The discipline and functioning style varies,” she signs off.