Karnataka finish in second spot

Karnataka finish in second spot

Maharashtra grab overall crown with 310 points

A dominant Maharashtra retained the overall title in the 30th Sub-Junior National aquatics championship here on Sunday.

Maharashtra, who ended the four-day meet with forty medals (17 gold, 11 silver, 12 bronze), garnered 310 points with brilliant efforts in both the swimming and the diving events.

Karnataka finished runners-up with 230 points. Karnataka ended a successful outing -- largely in the swimming event -- with 12 golds, eleven silver and five bronze (28 medals in total).

Karnataka’s Sanjay CJ once again hogged the limelight with the only National record-breaking effort of the day. The youngster, who was named the best swimmer in Group III with 28 points overall, added another gold to the three he had already won. He won the 100M freestyle in a time of 1:00.69, shattering the old record -- set by Maharashtra’s Viraj Prabhoo in 2010 -- quite comfortably.

Sanjay’s State-mate Vaania Kapoor Achuthan, who too won the Group III individual title with 28 points, finished on top in the 50M backstroke event to finish with a tally of four gold.

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Results: Swimming: Boys: Group III: 100M freestyle: Sanjay CJ (Kar) 1:00.69 (NR: Old: 1:02.15, Viraj Prabhoo, Maharashtra, 2010) 1; Shiven Brahmbhatt (Guj) 1:02.05, 2; Rajdip Roy (Ben) 1:03.65, 3.50M backstroke: N Sri Hari (Kar) 33.22 seconds, 1; Rajdip Roy (Ben) 33:88, 2; Neel Roy (Mah) 34:08, 3.4x50M medley relay: Karnataka (N Sri Hari, Vinod R, Anirudh Jagdish, Sanjay CJ) 2:13.65, 1; Maharashtra (2:14.37) 2; Bengal (2:16.78) 3.Group IV: 100M freestyle: P Vikkas (TN) 1:07.88, 1; Raj Vinayak Relekar (Kar) 1:09.90, 2; Vedant Bapna (Mah) 1:10.93, 3. 50M breaststroke: Sanidhya Raj (Del) 41.33s, 1; Bhargav Borgohain (Asm) 41.41, 2; SN Harsha Vardan (Kar) 41.96, 3.Girls: Group III: 100M freestyle: Rayna Saldanha (Mah) 1:06.63, 1; Megha Bali (Del) 1:08.02, 2; Amita Gondi (AP) 1:08.28, 3.50M backstroke: Vaania Kapoor Achuthan (Kar) 34.28s, 1; Ariesa Mongia (Mah) 35:72, 2; Tejaswita Bhardwaj (Mah) 36:21, 3.4x50 medley relay: Maharashtra (2:20.16) 1; Karnataka (Vaania Kapoor, Thanuja S, Mansi Ravi, Devika Srikanth) 2:23.29, 2; Bengal (2:23.47) 3.Group IV: 100M freestyle: Priyanga Pugazharasu (TN) 1:10.25, 1; Anya Tyagi (Mah) 1:10.46, 2; Khushi Dinesh (Kar) 1:10.85, 3.50M breaststroke: Kenisha Gupta (Mah) 42.75, 1; Riddhi Juyal (Kar) 42:95, 2; Pravalika Das (Ben) 43.48, 3.Diving: Boys: Group II: 1M springboard: Sandip Das (SSCB) 366.35 points, 1; Surojit Rajbanshi (SSCB) 366.15, 2; Varun S Pai (Mah) 289.80, 3.Group III: 3M springboard: Joydeep Nayek (SSCB) 251.85, 1; Daksh Bajpai (SSCB) 244.55, 2; Nihal Giram (Mah) 236.60, 3.Girls: Group II: 1M springboard: Simran Rajani (Mah) 245.60, 1; Bhavika Pingle (MP) 209.35, 2; Veda Patel (Mah) 203.75, 3.Group III: 3M springboard: Ilaria Sarup (Mah) 191.15, 1; Sweta Dey (Ben) 181.10, 2; Rutuja Pawar (Kar) 153.50, 3.Individual awards: Boys: Group III: Sanjay CJ (Karnataka) 28 points. Group IV: Sahil Gangote (Maharashra) 24.Girls: Group III: Vaania Kapoor Achuthan (Karnataka) 28 points.Group IV: Anya Tyagi (Maharashtra) 23.Team championships: Swimming: Boys: Group III: Karnataka (76 points). Group IV: Maharashtra (64).Girls: Group II: Maharashtra (106). Group II: Maharashtra (78).Diving: Boys: Group I: SSCB (35 points). Group II: SSCB (36). Group III: SSCB (32).Girls: Group I: Maharashtra (30). Group II: Maharashtra (30). Group III: Maharashtra (31).Overall championship: Maharashtra (310 points) 1; Karnataka (230) 2.