Delay tactics affect development

Delay tactics affect development

Three months into the fiscal, budget not yet presented

Delay tactics affect development

Monsoon has begun across the State and it is at this time that the district administration and the City Municipal Council (CMC) should have been ready to address public grievances.

But, the delay tactics of the government in announcing reservation for the post of president and vice-president for the CMC has had a negative impact on the overall development of the city.

Even after three months of the current fiscal, CMC budget has not been presented. As a result, apart from maintaining cleanliness of the city and changing streetlights, the CMC has not been able to take up any works.

Usually, budget is presented by the end of March and works begin by the first week of April. But, with the delay in announcement of reservation, the budget is yet to be presented.

Action plan

An Action Plan has been prepared for various projects related to overall development at an estimated cost of Rs 30 crore. But, it is awaiting approval as it has to be discussed in the CMC meeting.

Any project or tender that costs more than Rs 5,000 needs the approval of the CMC and the councillors. Since the selection of president and vice-president has been delayed, there is no question of convening a meeting.

All those who have been elected as councillors have received certificates. 

So, the residents of their respective wards, who do not understand the procedure, have been complaining about day to day problems, but the representatives are rendered helpless.

Works related to roads, underground drains, park and others are pending. Various proposals, which have to be taken up on emergency are before the deputy commissioner, who is also the administrative officer of the CMC.

The elected representatives are yet to begin their work. Keragodu Somashekar, a councillor, says no works can be started until the president is selected. “It has become difficult to face the people of the ward,” he said.