Congress engaged in hate politics, alleges C T Ravi

Congress engaged in hate politics, alleges C T Ravi

The Congress government is engaged in hate politics by transferring honest and efficient officers, said MLA C T Ravi.

Speaking to mediapersons he said that the Congress government is sending a wrong message to the people of Karnataka by transferring officials.

He accused MLC Gayatri Shanthe Gowda of misusing her power as an elected representatives. “She has been behaving like a dictator after the Congress came to power in the State. She is engaged in terrorising officials and has been threatening to suspend all the work initiated during the previous BJP government’s regime.”

Condemning hate politics, he said that elected representatives should behave within the framework of the law by understanding the feelings of the commonman. “In my tenure as a MLA, I had never indulged in hate politics,” he added.

“Even after losing the election in the district, the Congress is engaged in hate politics. If Congress leaders have power, then they should sanction more projects to the district and take up development work.

Let them utilise their power to earmark funds to take up development work in the district in the forthcoming budget,” Ravi said. CMC Commissioner Prabhakar was rendering good work in the district. Instead of making use of his capacity in Chikmagalur, the Congress has transferred him.

“Attempts are being made to disturb peace in the district. Some miscreants are engaged in creating rift in Tamil Colony. The police should contain acts of miscreants and check the growth of anti-social elements.”

“The BJP had won people’s mandate in the CMC. If the Congress try to clinch the power by brining in reservation system, then we will question the reservation notification in the court of law,” he said.

The authorities should start development work sanctioned under town development scheme. With the UGD work, the entire town has been converted into a marshy field. So, the work should be completed at the earliest.