Success depends on Sattva, not on materials

Success depends on Sattva, not on materials

There is one proverb in India, “A task gets accomplished with Sattva, and not with materials.” So, in order to get something done, sattogun should rise.

And how does one increase Sattogun? With right food, right conduct, and relaxing your mind for some time. Secondly, even if you face failure inspite of that, sattogun doesn’t let your enthusiasm shatter.

When that driving force is still there, you don’t even think of dropping.

Even during some failure, that strong conviction of achieving some good is there, and this conviction will be there when you have that dedication for the task.

Like, with enthusiasm in action and peace in the heart, people kept fighting for freedom for two centuries. The ones who were fighting for freedom, they didn’t get any money, but did they leave the drive? And third factor, look for the reason for failure.

One reason can be some weakness in oneself or some weak point in the system or arrangements.

Self weakness – like someone is not able to present their work properly. Eg, if you go for interview, and say some words here and there, then interviewer develops a doubt if you would be able to do the job or not. So, one doesn’t get selected because of one’s weakness.

To get rid of one’s weakness, enhance your abilities. Each failure is a step towards success, so analyse what you learnt out of this. Did you flow with the emotions? You didn’t consult those who are already in that profession? You didn’t trust them, or you didn’t keep faithful people with you.

All these reasons could be there. So, to get rid of any weakness, enhance your ability, and go into the depth of knowledge of the field in which you wish to move ahead. The next is to amend the system or the arrangements.

Now, this is not in hands of a single person. Like if corruption is to be checked, can you fight alone? Be with the group. Awaken that intelligence in people for that.

Get people to move ahead with you. “Sanghe Shakti Kaliyuge” - in kalyuga, the power is in the team. People say that it is the peak of kalyuga, and it is as if truth has taken a backseat. If you feel like that, then work in a team.

Take some people along and then see if the task gets accomplished or not. To enhance capability, you would have to do something yourself, go within yourself. Be in the world to get more people along, and be with yourself to gain abilities.

Taking along both the fields, you will definitely get success in your tasks. If you have given all your trials, put in your 100 per cent and if, even then, you didn’t get success, then it is okay.

Take some other work in your hands. But don’t run away if you face failure for the first or second time. Every confusion is a sign of growth, every time a pattern is broken. In such a case, just relax. In relaxation your intuition works. Rely on it.