A warm and friendly approach

A warm and friendly approach

Settling Down

A warm and friendly approach

Kristu Jayanti College opened its doors to a new batch of first-year degree students recently. They seemed confident about themselves and were visibly proud of their choice of college as well. The credit for building such an atmosphere goes entirely to the principal and the management of the college, who go that extra mile to ensure that the first-years feel comfortable and settle down quickly. Metrolife interacted with the first-year degree students, principal and the faculty of the college to capture the excitement and anxiety of a new beginning.

While a few students were accompanied by their parents, others walked in on their own or with their friends from pre-university. The college also has a sizable number of expat students and a few from across the country, in addition to localites. Sreerupa, a first-year BCom student, has moved from Jamshedpur to Bangalore. “I’ve always wanted to come here and study. I heard from my friends that Kristu Jayanti is the best for the commerce stream. The City is warm and open to outsiders,” she says. Steffy Joe, another first-year student, says, “It’s been my dream to join this college. My sisters have studied here and since I’ve studied in a girl’s school and college throughout, I thought a co-education system would prepare me for the future.” The boys seem to settled down a little faster than the girls. James moved to Bangalore from Kerala a month ago and thinks the City not only offers good job opportunities but helps one develop confidence as well.

“I wanted to improve my language  and communication. I thought this college and the City would help me achieve that,” he says. Suraj, another first-year student, adds, “I chose this college because it is disciplined and I think a certain amount of discipline is necessary for success. I have friends who study here and so, I won’t feel all that lost in a new atmosphere.”

The principal of the college, Fr T A Sebastian, says that it is indeed a challenge to get every new batch settled into the campus culture. “But it’s a tradition that we inherited and we follow in letter and spirit. The students are taken through a two-day orientation and since the seniors come only in July, the freshers have two full weeks to settle down,” explains Sebastian.

He adds that the college makes every effort to strike a good balance between academics and extracurricular activities. “There are a host of activities throughout the year, including workshops, seminars and a unique concept called Vichaarmanthan, which has visionaries and achievers  interacting with the students. All this is done to give the students maximum exposure.”

Fr Augustine George, head of computer science and international studies, says that the management adopts a friendly approach toward the students. “We always ensure that the students get the best in terms of academics and extracurricular activities,” Augustine says.

Jenin Raj, a faculty member of the college who also happens to be an ex-student, says, “The atmosphere in the classroom is very formal but outside, the students can approach teachers for any doubts or problems that they may have. The management ensures that students adhere to the discipline of the college. The girls are not allowed to wear tight clothes and no weird hairstyles for boys — all this in addition to a host of other rules.”