Celebrating the magic of music

Varied Strains

Celebrating the magic of music

More than 40 bands from across the country performed as part of the two-day music festival to celebrate ‘World Music Day’ at the Alliance Francaise recently. There were performances throughout the day and the forum served as the perfect setting for budding and accomplished musicians to interact with each other.

One got to hear all kinds of music, including rock, blues and funk, country, jazz, retro, classic rock, alternative rock and fusion.

Anuradha Narayan, head of culture at Alliance Francaise, says, “There’s no screening of any sort — we don’t restrict any bands from coming to perform. But we do give out a last date for entries. The response has been overwhelming but we have had to stick to 40 bands.”

Anuradha further states that the organisers insist that the bands play original music and avoid covers if they can. “This is one of those rare occasions where budding artistes get to interact and share notes with the more accomplished musicians,” she vadds.

Some bands from Mumbai, and even one from Hubli, performed as part of the

Another popular band that performed was Aghor, which specialises in world fusion music with the flavours of jazz, blues, Hindustani classical and flamenco without
losing out on each genre.

“People are very receptive to our music and that gives us a lot of inspiration to make more. We experiment with different beats and sounds to create something our style,” explains Jatazeda, vocalist and guitarist of the band.

A bunch of boys and girls from St Joseph’s College of Commerce got together and formed an independent group called ‘The Acoustic Project’, which is an acappella band. “We perform any thing from retro, country and blue to electric as long as we are able to create our own music. We will perform ‘Tap’, our own composition, which is a song about us as a group. It’s about our music that flows like a tap,” says Jonathan from the band. Pilith, another band member, adds, “We perform popular covers but tweak it to our style. Music binds us as a group.”

Prarthana and Becky — both final-year students of Christ University — also performed and stunned the crowd with their perfectly matched voices. The duo are a two-member band called ‘Did I Just Say That’. Prarthana says, “We share the same thoughts about music and try to play original compositions. We spend a lot of time trying to put together different beats to sound different.” Why just two members? Becky explains, “We couldn’t find anybody else who matches our wavelength; the two of us blend really well.”  Another band called ‘Little Wings’ was formed by Herbert a few years ago.

“The inspiration is Jimi Hendrix, whose song, ‘Little Wings’ is the name of the band. We all have regular jobs but our love for music has brought us together,” says Herbert.

The members of ‘Clown with a Frown’, a popular City band, were excited to perform their brand new album, ‘Hot Panic’.

 “We play a lot of music from the 70s and 80s. Most people simply sit back and watch concerts but our idea is to get people on their feet. We always have some crazy surprises in store for the crowd,” explains Pramod, drummer of the band.

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