Looters chop off woman's leg for anklet

Looters chop off woman's leg for anklet

Looters chop off woman's leg for anklet

 While reports of widespread looting in the flood-ravaged Uttarakhand have been plentiful, a man who escaped alive from the floods has said he had been witness to an incident in which looters allegedly cut off the legs of a dead woman as they could not remove her anklets.

Ashish Sharma, a resident of Para in Lucknow, may have survived nature’s fury, but not without paying a price. He lost his parents and two sisters who had been swept away by flood waters.

“Some people started looting the pilgrims, who had got panicked after reports that many buildings had been washed away in the floods. Women were specially targeted. I saw a few people chopping off the leg of a dead woman after they could not remove her anklet,” Ashish, who was stationed at Rambara, a few kilometres away from the Kedarnath temple when the killer floods hit, recalled.

“Local officials looked the other way and did not take any action when the pilgrims complained about the looting,” Ashish added.

He is yet to recover from the horror of seeing his family being carried away by the floods. “I could only see them being washed away. They remain traceless till now,” Ashish said.

Mayank, another survivor from Lucknow, also said some locals who appeared like labourers from across the border steered people to the upper reaches of the mountain in a seeming attempt to save them from rampaging rivers, but robbed them off their valuables once they got to safety.

“We saw a few people trying to snatch a gold chain from an old woman. We had a scuffle with them after which they fled,” said Mayank, who had been at Kedarnath with five of his friends to offer prayers.