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Two robberies and no money

The Curse of the Inferno’ airs on MGM at 6 pm on June 26. In an effort to escape their dusty backwater Texas town, a pair of mismatched losers rob a local bank — and this forms the crux of the film. There is only one problem: another set of thieves breaks in during the hold-up. Now, no one knows who’s got the money and one of the young hooligans falls madly in love with the pretty policewoman investigating the case. In an unexpected twist, it turns out that both the mayor and the police chief in this crooked town have been laundering money through the local bank. The movie stars Pauly Shore, Janine Turner, Ned Beatty, Max Perlich, Blue Deckert, John Pleshette and Ben Loggins.

The art of drunken boxing

In ‘True Legend’, Su Qi-Er retired from his life as a renowned Qing dynasty general in order to pursue his dream of a family and his own martial-arts school. However, Su’s peaceful life is shattered when his vengeful adopted brother, Yuan Lie, kidnaps his son and leaves Su for dead. Saved from his demise by his wife Ying and the reclusive doctor Yu, Su resolves to perfect his technique so that he may defeat Yuan Lie and reunite his family. Aided by the mystical God of Wushu and the eccentric Old Sage, Su masters the art of drunken boxing, and embarks on the path that would eventually give rise to the legend of the King of Beggars. Catch the film on Sony Pix at 4.35 pm on June 26. It stars Vincent Zhao, Zhou Xun, Jay Chou, Michelle Yeoh and Andy On.

Up against the mafia

Watch ‘Showdown in Little Tokyo’ on WB at 5 pm on June 26. In the movie, Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee star as two mismatched martial artistes battling the Japanese mob in Los Angeles.

Two American cops are hunting the Japanese mafia, the yakuza — one was raised in Japan and has the mind and spirit of a samurai and the body of a human fighting machine, while the other is a Japanese-American raised in California’s San Fernando Valley. He likes malls, pizza and everything else American — but can disarm five gunmen with his bare feet.

Watch the movie to find out what happens when they come face to face with the yakuza. It stars Dolph Lundgren, Brandon Lee, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Tia Carrere and Philip Tan.

A rare martial art

Tune in to ‘Ip Man’ on June 26 at 4.41 pm on HBO.

The action-adventure flick is a semi-biographical account of Yip Man, the first martial-arts master to teach the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun. Starring Donnie
Yen, Simon Yam, Siu-Wong Fan, Ka Tung Lam and Yu Xing, it is directed by Wilson Yip.

Modelled on a classic

Veteran actors Zeenat Aman and Manoj Kumar’s chemistry in the classic number Hai Hai Yeh Majboori from the movie 1974 movie Roti Kapda Aur Makaan has been recreated for a monsoon special episode of TV show Jeannie Aur Juju.

Inspired by the classic monsoon romance, Jeannie — played by actress Giaa Manek, has adorned Zeenat’s look — while Juju, essayed by actor Ali Asgar, will be seen reprising Manoj’s look.

“While they danced to the timeless classic Hai Hai Yeh Majburi, Yeh Mausam Aur Yeh Doori, the actors recreated the on-screen magic that was last seen between Zeenat and Manoj. The clothes and props used for the track and the song-and-dance sequence were lively and romantic with Ali’s romantic expressions and Giaa’s bubbly face,” says a source.

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