Reddy not yet ready to topple BSY govt

Reddy not yet ready to topple BSY govt

He added that he would consult an astrologer to find a ‘muhurth’ for the act.
Speaking to reporters, Karunakara Reddy said he would first concentrate on relief works in the flood-hit areas before taking up Kamsa Vadhe. Reddy, recently had said he would not hesitate to finish Kamsa off either, if he continued to commit mistakes. He had referred to Yeddyurappa as Kamsa in his statement. In mythology, Krishna kills his wicked uncle Kamsa.

‘No change in stand’

The minister said that he and his supporters’ were firm in the demand for change in leadership in the State. “There is no change in our stand. Many MLAs and ministers are in favour of a change in the leadership,” he said. Replying to a question, Reddy said the MLAs would decide who should be their next leader in the government.

He said the party high-command has not yet taken any decision on the current political crisis. He also ruled out media reports that the high command was against any change in the leadership of the State government.

The minister said the high command had talks with Janardhana Reddy on Sunday and added that the talks were still on.
“This crisis will not end in a day or two. It takes some more time. The high command had to talk to both the parties before arriving at a conclusion,” he said.