Former seer finds inner peace in wedlock

Former seer finds inner peace in wedlock

Rumour mills forced pontiff to leave mutt 3 years ago, renounce sanyasa and embrace marital life

When Geetha Karader, a resident of Sudambi village in Haveri district took charge as principal of Karibasaveshwara D.Ed College managed by Nandigudi mutt in Davangere district, little did she know of the turns and twists that her life would take. Nor did Nandishwara Shivacharya Swamiji, who is a post graduate in Sanskrit, imagine that he would renounce sanyasa and lead marital life.

Geetha, daughter of Ningappa Karader, a retired teacher and Premavva, joined Karibasaveshwara D.Ed College managed in Ukkadagatri after her post graduation at Karnatak University. More than monetary returns, teaching was a means to usher in social transformation for her. Geetha served at the institution without accepting salary for more than six years.

The hardworking and committed teacher was given the post of principal, which meant she had to constantly interact with the pontiff who headed the managing committee. This was when rumour mills became active and tales were spread about a relationship between the duo. Geetha, who was hurt with the developments, quit the job in December 2006 and went back to Sudambi.

An equally hurt Nandishwara decided to quit the mutt when a section of devotees demanded to form a trust to manage the property owned by the mutt. The seer refused to oblige saying that it would lead to misappropriation of funds.
The seer, who is now settled in Badadabailu told media persons, that he could not function independently in the mutt. “Once a religious institution becomes rich, a section of devotees throng for profitable positions. Affluence, also sets in the phase of degeneration. Being loyal to my conscience, I decided to quit after making the accounts public which were properly audited.”

During those difficult times, it was Geetha who offered emotional support to the seer and the two decided to marry. Geetha came out of her home in Sudambi without much opposition and the duo went to Haridwar, where the seer renounced sanyasa according to rituals and married her.

When the issue of succession became a deadlock at the mutt, devotees lodged a complaint with the police to trace the missing seer. With the help of the SIM card the seer was using, the police traced his location to  Badadabailu village near Sorab, where he was leading a low profile life of a farmer.

Speaking to reporters in Badadabailu, he said, “There is no question of returning back to the mutt. I have found peace and tranquillity in marital life which was elusive when I was a pontiff.” The seer said that he has now become a true follower of social reformer Basavanna and was practicing ‘Kayakadharma’ by toiling in farm.
Geetha, who has no contact with her parents now, is the mother of two-year-old child Guruprasad. “I have no plan to work in the future and am happy to be a house wife,” she said.

On continuing social service which was her passion, she said, “My husband and I remained loyal our conscience by braving adversities which itself is a great message to the society.” As a wife of a hard working farmer, she is now happy with the new identity.

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