Gloves off now, Kejriwal dares CM to open debate

Gloves off now, Kejriwal dares CM to open debate

 Replying to the letter by chief minister’s political secretary Pawan Khera, alleging that AAP has muddied the city’s politics, Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday not only invited Sheila Dikshit for an open debate on the issue, but also suggested that politics cannot be cleaned unless the Congress party stops giving tickets to criminals.

He pointed out that until the Congress declares the names of people giving crores of funds to the party and stops promoting culture of political dynasties, politics cannot be cleaned.

“I invite you for an open debate on any issues related to water, electricity or corruption. The time and venue can be decided by you. I know you will not agree, yet, I will wait,” Kejriwal wrote to her.

In his letter to Dikshit, he said if she intended to make the politics clean she should first declare that she would not give tickets to the 16 sitting Congress MLAs who face criminal charges in the upcoming Delhi Assembly elections. 

“How can criminals sit in the temple of democracy and make laws against rape and murder? The very fact that these people enter the assembly is an insult to our democracy and we should see that no criminals should get the ticket,” he said.

“Can you promise us that you will not give ticket to any tainted candidate?” he added.
Kejriwal demanded a personal sacrifice from the veteran leader that either she or her son Sandeep Dikshit, an MP from east Delhi, should retire from the politics setting an example against the culture of political dynasties in the country.

“Till the formation of AAP, there was no opposition in the city. BJP only pretended to be an opposition by holding symbolic protest against Congress. Now, Congress has no such luxury and we are exposing them on all fronts. That is the reason both these parties are giving us names now,” Kejriwal said.