Residents want water from well to be utilised

Residents want water from well to be utilised

Jayanagar residents, including the local MLA, want to utilise water for non-potable purposes from a well located inside Bhavi Park in Jayanagar 4th Block, but the BWSSB is not keen on utilising the water from the well.

The well, claimed to be nearly 100 years old, is yielding good amount of water, but there is no proper channel to make use of this water, says Mukund Rao from Citizens’ Action Forum.

“The residents including the MLA inspected the well and approached top officials from BWSSB to take initiatives to utilise the water, but there has been no response from them.

Bangalore is facing a water crisis and BWSSB must make use of local water sources, he added.

Jayanagar MLA B N Vijay Kumar said: “BWSSB can instal a water filter and use the filtered water from the well for drinking purpose. The Board makes use of Cauvery water in jetting machines to clear blocks in drains. They can instead use the water from the well.”

Reacting to the MLA’s requests, T Venkataraju, Engineer-in-chief, BWSSB, said: “The quality of water is good, but we cannot use it for potable purpose. Since there is already enough water supply in the area, the Board has decided to leave it for groundwater recharging purpose,” Venkataraju added.