'We don't want to leave just memories'

'We don't want to leave just memories'

New Responsibilities

'We don't want to leave just memories'

After rigorous campaigning and voting, the students of St Joseph’s College of Commerce (SJCC) have finally elected their student union for the year ahead.

The enthusiastic bunch of youngsters are not only humbled by the win, but also have big plans.

Not only do they want to make the college a better place, but they also intend to bridge the gap between the administration and the students in every way possible.
When the elected members of the union were officially given their respective posts in an oath-taking ceremony, many of their peers and teachers, including the president of the alumni, came to encourage them.

Having been initiated into their duties recently, the union speaks to Metrolife on what they have in store for the year.

Their top priority is to work together as a team and build on the foundation that the previous unions have laid out for them.

“We don’t want to leave just memories behind. In fact, we really want to build on what our previous unions have left behind and bring in different things,” says Rahul Gomes, the president.

Since the members of the union are already familiar with one another, they are happy that working together as a team will be a lot easier.

And they already have plans chalked out in their minds.
“There are so many things we want to bring in the college. One of the main plans is to bring our college back on the map,” says Tresseta D’Cruz , the vice-president.
 Another effort the team is going to be aiming towards is to include the voice of the students in different decisions. Pilith Pericho, the cultural secretary, says that it’s not only their ideas that are going to be implemented.

“We are going to take as many inputs as we can from the students of SJCC and bring it all together. Plus, we are going to bring as many new elements as we can in fests as well,” he adds.

Ladies’ secretary Roshini D Talera says that apart from working for the fests, they will ensure that they help the students when in need.

“As students of SJCC, we have always been socially active towards various causes and that will continue. We are also going to have a more active grievance cell so that students can make good use of the same when they need help,” she adds.
Ask them if they fear being compared to the previous council and Rahul says, “No student council has been the same. Last year, they did the best they could and this year, it is our turn to put in best efforts. We have observed how they functioned and will surely take inspiration from them and take it forward from there.”