Making a style statement

Making a style statement

Making a style statement

With the dawn of a new academic session at DU, many students have been seen flaunting their music accessories, which can help make their travel experience easy and fun. Music has become the best way to spend time with, while travelling in the metro or buses. And headphones are the new accessories that have become essential with every phone.

Earlier, most of the students were seen wearing old fashioned earphones in boring colours of white and black. Well, time has changed now! Metrolife caught up with Devina Sethi, III year English (Hons) student at Sri Aurobindo College. “Students have to study 24/7 and there is so much pressure and competition to bear. With hardly any time to relax or go out, my phone and headphones are the best escapes from this monotonous routine.”

The young music lover is currently using a Nokia C-5. “Music in my ears is like oxygen. While travelling in the Metro I look at the headphones which other people are wearing. This gives me the idea if I need new ones or not. I mostly get headphones matching my phone’s back covers. I like colourful headphones. They look very cool. Buying a wireless headphone is on the top of my wish list,” she says
Shambhavi Bhalla is a III year (Hons) student at Hindu College. “It is a stress buster for me to listen to music on my way to college. I simply connect my headphones via bluetooth while driving the car. I use a Nokia 520 and I love my headphone’s sound quality and its funky red colour. I am always hooked. In my college too, a lot of my friends like to flaunt their funky headphones and colourful gadgets,” shares Shambhavi.

Agrima Pokhriyal is a III year B.Com (Hons) student at Shri Ram College of Commerce. Her fashion statement is to keep accessories with lots of colours. “I love funky colourful headphones. I have a Blackberry and enjoy colourful head covers and headphones.”

Ask her about her collection and she surprises you. “I have a yellow coloured Nokia headphone but I love my Skullcandy more,” smiles and says Agrima.

For tech savvy Nilesh Roy, a III year Economics (Hons) student at Shri Ram College of Commerce, online shopping for accessories has helped him a lot. “You can just pop on a Flipkart or a Jabong and flip through brands, colours and everything. If you see a rising trend you immediately go online and check it out,” says Nilesh.

“I have a Blackberry Bold 3 and own a pair of Skullcandy. It’s always been a style statement while headphones are hanging by your neck or ear or hands. They look much better than earphones. I feel a good headset accessory makes the phone more valuable.”