Branded clothes for just Rs 100!

Branded clothes for just Rs 100!

Easy on pocket

Branded clothes for just Rs 100!

The main bazaar in Paharganj is also known as the bargainers’ shopping paradise. Referred to as Shahganj, when built in the 17th century, today Paharganj attracts tourists from over the world. 

It provides you with just about everything - especially garments and shoes at dirt cheap rates. A hub of shopping for youngsters, tourists and shoppers looking for great bargains alike. Much like similar hubs in other parts of the City. For instance, the backlanes of Sarojini Nagar Market, Central Market in Lajpat Nagar, Atta Market in Sec 18, Noida and even the rather centrally located Janpath.   

Metrolife spoke to shoppers and shopkeepers from across these markets and discovered that for those looking for some faux brands at rock bottom prices, these are the places to explore.

Karan Arora, who has recently opened a garments shop in Paharganj, maintains that a major reason why his shop is flooded with customers is because his garments are priced at Rs 100. “We stock more than a 1000 brands,” he boasts. “A lot of foreigners come here as I keep foreign brands like Zara, Uttam London and Atmosphere,” says Karan. “Whenever we sell for a mere Rs 100. Of course, we do incur losses but this pricing attracts a lot of customers, which helps overall sales.”

Riya Chakravarty, a media professional says, “My creative line requires me to have a certain range of clothes which are comfortable yet affordable. Paharganj has always catered to this need. And, yes Paharganj outfits add the quirkiness factor to my look!”

Swatantra Gambhir has had a shoe shop in Paharganj since 1947. His shoes range from Rs 150 - 2500, and he stocks Kolhapuris, jootis embellished with zari, sandals and chappals. We make these shoes. We have three four factories in Delhi who make shoes only for my company,” he states.

Moving to Janpath Lane, the bazaar is lined with shops full to the brim with clothes, jewellery, shoes, knick knacks, accessories for hair and odd decor pieces. This is truly a shopper’s paradise and has successfully attracted not just tourists but also locals. Jitendra Kumar has had his garment shop here for the last 25 years. “Our prices range from 200-500.”

Raphael Burger, a Swiss tourist was delighted to talk to Metrolife about the cheap but good ‘stuff’ at Janpath. “You get really good stuff and at an unbelievable price! I got all happy when I bought these really cool shoes for Rs 200 to go with a sherwani that I’d purchased earlier,” he exclaims, showing off his brand new jootis!

Atta Market in Sector 18, Noida provides you with fashionable attire at low prices as well. Clothes range from Rs 250 while the shoes start at Rs 150. Atta is best known for the best bargains on export garments, as are the bylanes of Sarojini Nagar where rows upon rows of shops beckon you to try out garments in linen, chiffons, georgettes and denims, ranging from Rs 50-300. Both these places usually have the funkiest designs and latest fashion on display. Everything, from skirts to palazzos, to capris, hot pants, minis and even flowy gowns to jeans and unisex shirts and tops are available here. 

The main lane in Lajpat Nagar Central Market also falls under one of the most popular shopping areas of the City where people can actually find brilliant bargains. Shopaholics can hunt from clothes to foot wear, artificial jewellery, bags and accessories. Tops and skirts begin at Rs 100 while shoes start from Rs 150.
And when it’s shopping, you know it’s always packed with loads of fun.