Cracking RKG's success code

Cracking RKG's success code

Prosperous FILMMAKER

It just happened,” says Raj Kumar Gupta when Metrolife asked him about his passion for filmmaking. One of the most grounded yet commercially and critically acclaimed directors in the industry today, Raj remains attached to his middle-class upbringing. Yet, he manages to strike the perfect chord with this film-crazy nation through his novel stories.

The writer-director admits that, “getting into the industry is not easy” specially since he belongs to a non-filmy background. But stands as an inspiration for all aspiring souls. “It is not that I was born and wanted to be a filmmaker. My dad was a banker,” he says and adds, “While graduating I drifted towards creative writing  and after that I thought to try in Bombay (sic).”

Despite having tasted considerable popularity with earlier works like Aamir and No One Killed Jessica, Raj still remains a humble man. “It comes naturally,” he says, very matter-of-factly and elaborates, “I would not like to be a person that I am not. It is difficult, when you see people around you boasting about more than what they have done!”

His ‘not-so-regular’ approach has proved his mettle in the industry. “I want to do good work and not what people are doing. I want to tell stories which people have not been told. In the process, I have been lucky to have done good work,” he explains, adding quickly, “though it has been difficult too.”

“Both my previous films worked well with critics as well as the audience. I chose to narrate the subjects or stories that inspired me,” says the writer-director whose dual skills remain in harmony. “Writing is a lovely process that I enjoy but it is in a very controlled space because you are alone in the confines of a room. Direction has layers and a director needs to take care of a lot of variables. Both professions are equally difficult but it is always my attempt as a director to take the script to a higher level and the writer in me never rebels with the director.”

One wonders why has he chosen a radically different genre this time? “Ghanchakkar is very different from what I have done previously,” he confesses revealing that the film has, “a lot of comic element or humour.  It is actually a comic suspense thriller and there are many other jokes,” than what are seen in the promos. “And to answer your question, I always take up challenges. Doing different things excites me the most. That is why I have chosen this film.”

Why did he choose Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi for this flick? “Both Vidya and Emraan are fantastic actors but have not explored a comic, thrilling story and I thought they could do justice to it.” Chances are he will succeed this time too!