Time to give your home a new look

Time to give your home a new look


When you plan to remodel your home, keep in mind that prioritising your needs and making the most of the structure you have is important, says Ruth Dsouza Prabhu

Remodelling your home is the perfect way to give it a new look, something that every home owner wants to do once in a while. Remodelling works on two levels – its helps you change the aesthetics of your home, giving it a whole new feel. On the other hand, it is also a means of introducing new features into your home and repairing areas that need some attention.

The pre-planning stage

“Before you get into the actual remodelling phase there are a few things you need to iron out. Begin with the rooms that you plan to work on”, says Sudhakar B, a city based visualiser. “Make a list of all things you want to change in that particular room and all that you want to introduce into it. Figure out the professionals you will need to approach and also the contractor. Sourcing of materials is another important aspect to consider.”

Remodelling is very subjective and depends on several aspects – your budget, what you want to change, what you want to bring in and the like. Here are some aspects you may want to look into when you plan to remodel your homes.

The living room

This is one of the rooms in a home that is used the most. Look around and evaluate what it is about the room that you want to change. Is it the carpeting, the flooring, the placement of furniture, the lack of space etc? Figuring this out will help you understand what changes you need. Once you prioritise what you need in the remodelled room, you will be able to tell your interior designer or architect on what exactly you are looking for and they will then build up a plan incorporating it all. Once this is done, you will also be able to spot corners that may now need attention, considering the new placement and work on those.

Keep in mind that structural elements of the house cannot be changed, says Sudhakar. That means you cannot break down beams or pillars and in some cases even walls, to accommodate changes. These are aspects that a professional architect will be able to help you with. If more natural light and ventilation are what you are looking for, you could consider widening the window sills in the room to get in more air and light.

The kitchen

Kitchen remodelling is often based on the need to upgrade what you have. The upgrade can be based on wanting more space, bringing in high end appliances or simply changing the look of the kitchen. Remember, that with your kitchen it is very easy to get carried away with what you think is needed. Make a list of it all and then prioritise. Collect pictures and research each of these requirements and see whether they fit into the scheme of things for your kitchen. Once done, you will need a professional to draw up a design and see whether your plan is feasible or not. This is especially important, considering that the kitchen has wet and dry areas to take into account of, as well as plumbing, gas lines and ventilation. “In houses, both big and small, it is now a trend to have the connecting wall between the dining room and kitchen broken down to create the illusion of more space,” says Sudhakar. You can create a half way wall up to 4ft, add a table top to it, with a few chairs on either side and have a small makeshift dining space created as well.

The bathroom

Most often, the bathrooms are revamped in terms of tiling and fixtures. Inclusion of bath tubs, faucets etc are also common. These should be done based on those who are going to be using that particular bathroom the most. Where children and elderly are concerned, the inclusion of anti-skid tiles, support rails and the like should also be a consideration.

No matter which room you are looking at for a change in flooring, what you have to check on is whether your existing flooring can be used to glue on the new one or you have to completely remove it and start from scratch, says Sudhakar. For those considering wall panelling, remember that it eats into the space that you have in a room, so think carefully before opting for it.

Remodelling your home not only gives you a beautiful new space in the same location, but also increases the market value of your home. It’s a win-win situation all through.