Students weigh options after DU's first cut-off list

Students weigh options after DU's first cut-off list

Aspirants remain reluctant to try off-campus colleges

Students weigh options after DU's first cut-off list

On the first day after Delhi University announced its first cut off list, the admission seekers who scored in 80s were confused about whether to wait for the second list or to take admission in a less-known college.

The general reluctance in taking admissions in an off-campus college is because of concerns over the quality of faculty there.

“My best four score is 80 per cent and I want to apply for Chemistry (H). Although I have got in Deshbandhu College. But I don't know if I should take admission there. I am confused whether I should wait for the next list. I don't know if classes are held there and am also doubtful about quality of its faculty,” said Shrini Dev.

Several students expressed similar confusion regarding the quality of teachers at other off-campus colleges affiliated to the University of Delhi.

During the open days sessions held a few days prior to the beginning of admission process, varsity officials urged the aspirants to immediately secure admission as soon as one makes the cut.

“Lakhs of students apply for 54,000 seats. The students should not be selective about the college as all colleges are in the same varsity. At the end of the day, the students will get a DU degree,” said an official.

Teachers said the fixation about campus colleges often make them lose their seat.
“Students should understand that the structure of cut-offs is highly complicated. If the student waits for the next cut off and his/her marks are more than the cut-off, the student will still be denied admission. Each DU college has its share of good faculty.

If a student is serious about studies, there are many opportunities offered in all the colleges and by its teachers. Many prominent colleges are relatively old colleges, thus they have a name,” said an English teacher at Ramjas College.

Teachers further said that the students prefer campus colleges as they are more vibrant because of geographical advantage over secluded colleges away from the main campus.
 “The north campus college is always the first choice.

The campus has its charm, however, instead of cribbing about lesser known college, they should get involved in various societies (extra curricular activities), study circles, book reading groups, adventure sports group etc.

There are innumerable activities offered to students according to their choice. Joining such groups also gives a variety to their social circle. The students can then visit other colleges regularly for performances, there are college fests etc,” said a teacher from Gargi College.