Foreign flavour in Sandalwood

Foreign flavour in Sandalwood

Foreign flavour in Sandalwood

The Indian film industry has a fascination for foreign actors and actresses. But much to the dismay of movie-goers, many of these characters aren’t true to type at all.

They are seen mouthing dialogues in the language of the film and at times, even shaking a leg to the tunes. So, when director Preetham Gubbi set out to make a film that had a major portion set in a foreign country and even required a couple of foreign nationals to be a part of it, there was one thing he did not want to compromise on — reality.

In his latest film Nam Duniya Nam Style (‘NDNS’), Preetham has roped in two foreign actors –– a European guy and a Chinese girl.

“The two prominent characters are an integral part of the plot. The protagonists, played by Vinayak Joshi, Sunil Nagappa and Likith Shetty, land in Malaysia in search of someone.

While there, they meet two very interesting characters: the European guy and the Chinese girl. What’s interesting is that these characters do not seem forced into the script. They are the kind of people you are likely to encounter on a foreign trip. There are instances of the girl teaching them the local culture and mannerisms, including how to say namaste in Chinese. Similar is the case with the European character and his banter with our boys. And we have not once tried to dub their dialogues in Kannada. In fact,
we have allowed them to speak their own language in the film. While there is an attempt to translate in broken English, much is lost in translation and that’s where the humour lies. These two change the whole plot at one point and become very important characters,” says Preetham, and adds that the characters are played by professional actors from Malaysia.

The movie talks a lot about friendship and relationships. It is a complete youth brigade with fresh faces. Preetham says that he tried to look at friendships anew through his film.
“It is about three people who hail from different backgrounds and who have been friends for 15 years. The trio is a jovial and fun-loving lot, and is excited about its first trip abroad together,” says Preetham.

He also states that many incidents have been inspired by his own friends.

“It’s a film that everyone can relate to, in terms of both the dialogues and incidents,” he adds.

Shot in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Kashmir, Preetham admits he was inspired by the Hindi film Dil Chahta Hai while scripting ‘NDNS’.

“I loved Dil Chahta Hai and always wanted to make a movie about friends travelling. But that’s all it is, an inspiration. ‘NDNS’ is a unique story,” he says.

Known for his romantic films, this movie will definitely be a change in Preetham’s image, which he has been trying to break for a long time now.

“Instead of making another film about romance, I thought why not talk about friendship? Of course, romance is not out of the frame entirely. The boys come across girls they fall in love with. How they handle their relationships with each other and manage to win over the girls is my story. It’s an honest film and I want to bring in a change from my usual films. I do hope the audience like it,” sums up Preetham.