Monsoon tresses


It is very essential to find a beauty regime that takes care of your hair during the rainy season.

* Tender coconut oil is the best discovery for modern hair care needs. Its light and nourishing properties make it a perfect recipe to fulfill your modern hair care needs. Indulge in tender coconut hair oil massages at least twice a week to help your hair combat frizziness, dryness and limpness caused due to the humidity.

* Home remedies are the perfect way to take care of your hair during this season. Mix two tablespoons of vinegar in a cup of luke warm water and rinse your hair. This will give your hair the perfect shine and volume.

* Follow a ritual of 20 minutes deep conditioning treatment with hot coconut based hair oil this monsoon. This is a perfect solution to fight against the frizziness and limpness caused due to the increased moisture in the air.

* Once in a week, mix 2 eggs, curd, juice of half lemon and few drops of honey and spread it evenly on your scalp and from root to tip. Wash it off after half an hour to get a smooth and manageable texture.

* Avoid getting any kind of chemical treatments on your hair during monsoons. The chemicals used on your hair react adversely to the rain water leading to severe damage.
* Avoid getting your hair wet in the rains as it weakens the shaft by breaking the hydrogen bonds.

* Consume a lot of fresh fruits, oats and sprouts in daily diet. Also consider including a cheese slice, crunchy nuts, sweet potato and cod liver oil to stimulate hair growth. Maintain a balanced protein diet. A portion of good seasonal fruits, green leafy vegetables, cereals and coconut water in your diet will do good.