TV TALK: Nov 5

TV TALK: Nov 5

TV TALK: Nov 5

Two to tango

A scene from Mercury Rising. Mercury Rising airs on November 5 at 9 pm on HBO. The movie stars Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, Miko Hughes and Chi Mcbride.

When FBI agent, Art Jeffries is assigned to a seemingly routine investigation, he discovers that the case is far from routine. Young autistic Simon Lynch, who lives in a closed world of puzzles and maps has inadvertently and quite easily, cracked a top secret military code called Mercury. The government, especially Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Kudrow, will do anything to protect the security of the code, leading to Willis and the boy. Finding themselves outcast and unable to seek the help of the police, the unlikely pair must enter each other’s closed worlds in order to survive.

Different idea of a vacation

Watch Survivorman at 9 pm on Discovery Channel on November 5.

This week on Survivorman, Les Stroud embarks on a cruise off the coast of Belize. But Les’ idea of a cruise is floating adrift on an inflatable life raft with no food and little equipment.

Maybe Les should consider getting a different travel agent.