Victim on dharna at rapist's house

Victim on dharna at rapist's house

An alleged rape victim embarked on a sit-in in front of the culprit's house after his family went back on their promise to get him married to her.

It later turned out that the promise had been made only to let the man get away after perpetrating the crime and escape punishment.

According to reports, a youth in Jagadishpur area in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur district, about 275 kilometres from here, had allegedly raped a girl of the same village on Thursday.

He was caught a little later when the victim informed her family about the incident.

As a large number of villagers and the victim’s family members reached the culprit’s house and threatened to lodge an FIR against him, his family panicked.

They offered to get him married with her, provided the matter was not reported to the police, sources said.

As both were from the same community, the victim’s family readily agreed.

Marriage’s date

But when the woman’s family approached them for finalising the date for the marriage, they were turned down.

Hearing this, the victim also rushed to the culprit’s house and began a dharna to force the implementation of the unwritten agreement.

The police were informed when the culprit’s family did not relent, and the offender was arrested. They also tried to broker a settlement but the effort did not succeed.

The victim has been sent for medical examination and a case has been registered against the youth.