'I shut up when my wife talks'

'I shut up when my wife talks'

'I shut up when my wife talks'

He may have earned himself the title of ‘serial kisser’ in Bollywood after films like ‘Murder’ and ‘Gangster — A Love Story’. But there’s a lot more to Emraan Hashmi than just liplocks and bedroom scenes. For starters, there is the constant fear of becoming obsolete, as he confesses to Metrolife during a recent visit to the City.

“I’m overworked and that shows on my face. But at the same time, I’m greedy and hungry for the fame, the money; for the fear of being obsolete and not having work. I’m scared of failing, of anonymity and people not recognising me,” shares

Elaborating on the workings of the film industry, he says, “You don’t run out of movies overnight. You’re longing to do a good project and out of lethargy or complacency, you don’t make it happen. But someone else is waiting in the line and he will take it. I will feel bad eight months down the line when that film becomes a hit thinking I should have been a part of it. So, I’d rather go through the turmoil of the hard work than deal with the thought of having lost out on a good opportunity.”

The actor says that he thoroughly enjoyed working on Rajkumar Gupta’s Ghanchakkar. “I’m playing a guy who likes gardening, watches television and enjoys his glass of wine. He’s not ambitious but has the skill of breaking into any safe or vault. Then he gets amnesia after his last heist and forgets where he kept his money,” informs the actor.

But he doesn’t draw too many parallels with the character. “I’ve never had amnesia, don’t like wine and have never robbed a bank although I’ve fantasised about it. I have my lazy moments and that’s something I could relate to. I shut up when my wife talks and that’s also true to this character,” he jokes, adding, “I’ve learnt not to criticise my wife’s food, which is a message to all the husbands out there.”

Though he knows that the ‘serial kisser’ image isn’t fading despite experimenting with roles, he doesn’t see it as a good or bad thing. “Sometimes I feel that it’s spoken about more than my performance. But people need to label everything and that’s fine.

For me, fortunately or unfortunately, the audience found this to associate me with. It has its plus point because I got such a strong label so early in my career. The bad thing is that my girlfriend then — wife now — slaps me around when I kiss on screen,” laughs Emraan.

When he isn’t busy with a film, the actor loves to travel. “I can’t move around in my city the way I used to when I was in college. But now, I have money to go somewhere else in the world and roam around over there freely,” he notes.

Though he hasn’t experienced too much of the City, he says he wants to explore it. “It’s green, open and nice. I’ve not spent more than eight hours a day here at a stretch. But I’d like to come here for a longer period and check out the place,” he wraps up.