Musical fountain stops 'dancing' at Rajaseat

Musical fountain stops 'dancing' at Rajaseat

Musical fountain stops 'dancing' at Rajaseat

Madikeri populary called as Scotland of South India is known for tourist spots. Rajaseat is one of the attraction in Madikeri, where the visitors can enjoy nature at its best.

Musical fountain at the park was another attraction. However, the fountain has remained defunct for the last two months. 

The park is maintained by the horticulture department. However, owing to lack of maintenance, it has lost it charm and beauty.

As a result, all those who pay and visit Rajaseat come out of the park disappointed.
Deputy Commissioner Dr N V Prasad had released funds for the repair of musical fountain in the month of April. However, within a few days of its repair the fountain has stopped its music.

There is a need for technical expert to maintain the fountain.

As a result, the fountain lacks maintenance, said staff.

No committee

To maintain Rajaseat, a park development committee has to be constituted.

The government had directed the district administration to constitute a committee under the presidentship of Regional Commissioner.

However, the rules have not been implemented so far. Hence, parks have remained neglected in the state. A few years ago, the citizens had constituted a committee to maintain Rajaseat.

However, the committee does not exist.