Online system to rid SSA of delays, discrepancies

It will open the programmes to public scrutiny

The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) will be able to get a status report on any of its interventions or programmes within a few hours, once its ambitious centralised online system starts functioning. 

Immediate information on the progress of training activities, infrastructural works being carried out, funds reaching their designated plans and their utilisation et al cannot be got immediately in the present system, according to State Project Director of Sarva Sshiksha Abhiyan, Subodh Yadav.

“The collection of details easily takes anywhere between 10 to 15 days.
“This is because it involves the long process of people in each department collecting, compiling and processing them, and then finally submitting them,” said Yadav.

Delayed funds

For example, the delay in the funds reaching their designated plans, possibilities of diversion of these funds to other plans are some of the problems that have been encountered while releasing funds under the present system.

As a result, an immediate status report on the utilisation is extremely difficult to get.
The new system aims at decentralising the entire functioning of the SSA and thereby making it easier to gauge the progress of any plan under SSA.

“Information is uploaded in real time, one can access it immediately and process results within a short span of time with this system,” Yadav said.  

While helping the SSA to monitor and supervise each step and activity in the implementation of its programmes, this centralised system will also be open to the public and thereby allow them to access information on the status of any activity in real time.
“The beauty of this system is that besides officials being able to monitor activities, it will be open to the scrutiny of the public,” said Yadav.

The recent move by the SSA to release funds directly to the School Development and Monitoring Committees (SDMCs), its primary implementing agencies at the school level, is in this direction (to integrate all its activities and thereby enable monitoring and efficiency).     

Agencies and people involved in various aspects of the implementation of plans at the grassroots level like the School Development and Monitoring Committees and the cluster or block officers will, therefore, stand to benefit the most due to the cut in delays and better efficiency. 
6 teams of programmers

As many as six teams of programmers from the SSA State office are presently in the process of developing this centralised online application.

“At each step, the authenticity of the details being provided need to be proven. There can be no jumping of steps,” explained Yadav.

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