Delhi action plan on climate change set for release tomorrow

Compiled by Delhi Chief Secretary Rakesh Mehta, the agenda to be adopted by the city government covers a variety of issues like municipal waste generation, green cover, pollution of air, water and sound.
"As the climate change threats are here, we have to do our part in combating the challenge and protect the planet.

"The agenda specifies sets of action plans for each department to be followed by them and their progress will be monitored on a monthly basis," Mehta said.
He said the agenda is on the lines of the National Action Plan on Climate Change unveiled by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh last year.

The Prime Minister had recently asked all the states to come out with their own domestic plans on the issue to tackle the threat at the local level.
On the steps taken by the city government so far to curb green house gas emissions, Mehta said fuel for public transport vehicles has been switched to eco-friendly Compressed Natural Gas, but still a lot is yet to be done as people continue to prefer private conveyance over public transport.

As per agenda, the Forest Department has been set a target of bringing 500 sq km under green cover by 2012 and open a new eco-task force by 2009.

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