Tapping into a pool of talent

Tapping into a pool of talent

Musical Passion

Tapping into a pool of talent

As part of the ‘World Music Fest’ celebrations, the Singing Nakshatra competition was recently held at Orion Mall. The day-long event, hosted by Karaoke Jockey (KJ) Subz, saw participants competing in several rounds, hoping to make their way to the finals.

The competition was open to anyone over the age of 15 and permitted songs in Hindi, English or Kannada. Interestingly, almost all the singers opted for Hindi songs, with only a few takers for the other two languages. The rules were simple — the competition had two rounds: the speedy auditions that comprised eliminations and preliminaries, followed by the finals with the karaoke performance.

“I’m looking for two kinds of people — those who are cardiologically young and the chronologically young. Regardless of the contestant’s age or what song he or she chooses, it needs to be a dynamic performance. The criteria for judging are originality, creativity, personality and audience interaction,” explains KJ Subz. He adds, “There are a lot of people waiting for such events to happen just so that they can showcase their talent to the world. They have a lot of passion for music. Even if they don’t win, they will stay in the mall till the end of the programme. They aren’t here just for their songs.”

People of all ages attended with great enthusiasm, doing their best to go home with some recognition and prizes. The songs performed included recent Bollywood hits, songs from the yesteryears and even Jagjit Singh ‘ghazals’ among others.

“There was no pressure on the contestants and it was a good experience. I usually sing in small groups and this is the first time I’m singing in public to strangers,” says Ganesh Nair, who sang Kishore Kumar’s ‘Mere Naina Sawan Bhado’. “I enjoyed this because I was comfortable with the song,” he adds.

The keenness to participate reflects in the fact that there were many advance registrations as well as spot registrations through the day. “I registered a week in advance. My friend has heard me sing and we decided to take part for fun. It was a little dramatic because I almost got eliminated in the semi-finals. The competition was tough but I made it and victory feels really sweet,” says Kalpana, who emerged the winner.